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May 27th, 2019

Outdoor wedding challenges

As a Wedding Planner, Event designer and Florist in Florida, having created many weddings in other warm climate destinations, I have learned, and I am very well experienced that weather is a big factor in planning your wedding outdoors.

Outdoor, Gardens and Beach weddings are beautiful, romantic and very picturesque, but weather can be very challenging, the sun and heat can be almost unbearable to your décor and florals and most importantly your guests. Your flowers can wilt and that will not be your florist fault, please keep that in mind. Your guest will be under the rays of very hot sun and you would not bear the heat standing at your ceremony for more than 5 minutes. Trust me, this would be quite uncomfortable, and let's be real, you want your guest to talk about your wedding being all the rave on how beautiful everything was, and not negative talk of, “we sat under a blazing sun, melting, waiting and it was scorching HOT”.

Tips on Planning your Outdoor Wedding 

So, let’s talk about how we can make your outdoor wedding a pleasant one and one to always remember as being stunning and gorgeous. I will share with you some of the things I always make sure to ask when it is a desired outdoor wedding.

  •  First thing I ask, “What month in the Summer”?
  •  The second thing I ask, “What time of day are we looking to start your ceremony”?
  •  The third thing I ask, “Will your wedding be a destination outdoor wedding or local to Florida”?

You may ask why this planner/flower designer is asking these questions. Do you know that July and August are the hottest months of the year? If you are planning to stay state front, let me tell you that, Texas and Louisiana rank #1 as the hottest states in the US, and Florida coming in at #3, Oklahoma at #4.  Here is something else you should know,

Time of day is also key to making sure you are not melting out there in the hot sun, we recommend having your ceremony start at 5 pm and if you are wanting a late start, evening ceremonies are always the coolest between 6 to 7 pm. The sun is getting ready to drop, the worst hours are from 3 pm to 4 pm, it is said that the sun is giving off the most heat on those hours. I believe that to be so true and it has been proven, researched and documented.  These are important factors while you are planning your BIG DAY.

Determining your destination is also a Key part of the planning process, knowing if you want to stay in the states or go to an amazing tropical destination. Please keep in mind the months of October and November, yes Hurricane Season, so traveling and having a beautiful beach wedding can be tarnished due to mother natures unpredictable changes in weather. Always plan to have some type of shaded area available for you and your guest. Make sure that there is a PLAN A B C

Gifts | Ideas for your Guest 

As a parting gift or welcoming gift to your wedding guests, think about beautiful umbrellas, fans for the ladies and maybe a nice Hat and I do not mean a baseball cap for the gentlemen, but that can be a cool idea. Make sure you keep yourself and your guest hydrated, have some ice-cold water whether in a bottle or dispensers.


Guest should stay away from wearing dark colors, remind your guest that your wedding ceremony|dinner will be outdoors to wear cotton, or linen, even a nice flowing chiffon material, this too will keep them cool.


When choosing your flowers keep this in mind, make sure your flowers are in seasons, and very important while making this selection know that they do not wilt with high heat and can sustain outdoor weather, 

Decor should be simple and elegant, your backdrop is the outdoor scenery you have chosen.  If it is a beach wedding, then let the ocean be your backdrop, and if you want to enhance the already beauty add a green garland around the edges of the structure you will have.  

If you have chosen a  stunning garden let the gorgeous plantation be your backdrop. Know that the possibilities are endless.

Your tables decor should showcase your wedding location, keeping it cohesive with your venue or destination is always quite special.

 If you have chosen a beach wedding keep it organic and tropical simple and elegant. If you have chosen a garden or outdoor barn wedding, keep it clean, organic, rustic, chic and shabby, keep it always elegant and fun.

From your Planner|Event Designer

As a wedding planner and floral designer, it is always fun keeping up with all the new trends... If you need guidance and are looking to find an experienced and well season planner and a creative flower designer, please reach out to us. We would love to assist. 

I hope this blog has helped you in your planning process.

Happy Planning,

Annie Muniz

Head Planner\ Florist


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An ongoing series of informational entries

April  29th, 2019

Latest Wedding Flower Trends

Game of Thrones. Wow. It has been all the hype since the beginning of April. This magnificent, most watched series has reached all levels of chats.

Here is another thing that has been all the rave… that is… in the Wedding Industry of course. Ha, got ya!

Let’s just say that the latest trends in décor and fashion for the wedding industry has had a lot of epic, eye-catching (blue eyes included), and jaw-dropping moments.


The latest in the flower design trend is really over the top and magnificently different shapes and materials to create breathtaking ceremony backdrops. Here are a few of my favorites: crescent moon, hectogon, triangular structures, and the latest, acrylic rave

Wedding centerpieces:

Creating centerpieces to wow wedding guests are always a topic at our bridal consultations.

“What are you envisioning your centerpieces to have and look like? Do you want them a certain shape, height, or a particular style?”

Recently, I have noticed many hanging structures over the center of the table. I have also seen a lot of geometric vessels, and one of my favorites is the garlands laying across the table with such elegance and opulence.

From your Planner|Event Designer

As a wedding planner and floral designer, it is always fun keeping up with all the new trends... If you need guidance and are looking to find an experienced and well season planner and a creative flower designer, please reach out to us. We would love to assist. 


Images provided are not ours, we use them for inspirational purpose only. 

An ongoing series of informational entries

February 15, 2019

Wedding Flowers

When selecting your flowers for your Wedding day, you should know and remember, “flowers are seasonal!”, It is important to keep this in mind when you are getting ready to consult with your Wedding Planner and Flower designer. 

 Here at Modern Chic & Shabby Events by JoeAnnie we say, research your flowers for your season, “if you want Cherry Blossoms in November, you will never get them”, they bloom best in March through early April.

Keep an open mind and let your designers show you the best alternative and flower options there is without losing what you envision your flower design to be on your special day.

Selecting a qualified, train and experience Flower Designer is key. Annie is our very own Event and Flower Designer, she is highly qualified in all areas of Event Planning and Flower design. Her passion for designing amazing events is so evident. She carries over 20 years in the Event Industry and her knowledge is extraordinary. She will make sure you know what is important before making your final decision in your event and flower design.

We at Modern Chic & Shabby Event by JoeAnnie will always ask you if you have a concept in design, color, type of flower, budget, and if you are open to design suggestions.

Annie of Modern Chic & Shabby Events by JoeAnnie would love to sit with you and go over your vision and show you some of her work. She can create the most elaborate design and wow pieces, to the most simple and elegant designs.

An ongoing series of informational entries

January 8, 2019

Congratulations!! On entering a new chapter in your life, now take a sit, a deep breath and get ready to embark on a Roller coaster ride of many emotions. You are now “Excited” be on words. It is time to start planning what will be an extraordinary day for you both.

You might ask, “what’s next”? Here is what I can tell you, there will be many questions that will start with What, When and Where, take a deep breath and think about hiring a professional Wedding planner. Your wedding day will have many elements and logistics that will have to happen. Hiring a professional will be a great decision, trust me I know why.

Here is why.

An experience, well train, educated and certified planner will defiantly guide you correctly. He or She will make sure that many of the things you will need to start the planning process is in place.

I truly believe in the hiring of a planner because we understand what comes with planning a very special day. You will be searching for Venues, Photographers, Videographers, Caters, Cake Designers, flower and décor designers and so much more. The knowledge and ability that a professional wedding planner like myself, and my staff is important. As the Head Wedding Planner of Modern Chic & Shabby Events by JoeAnnie, I know how and where to go in finding the most qualified and talented Wedding Professional so that your day runs smoothly and picture perfect!

Will I be able to afford the services of a wedding planner?

Ask yourself-Do you want to stress? be overwhelm and rely on family and friends that have many opinions and none of which are yours! You will just add to your already wedding nerves and stress, planning your wedding must be fun and full of new experiences.

Hiring a planner will relieve those feelings of being overwhelmed and relying on members of your family and friends. They should be enjoying your wedding planning in other ways.

About US!

Modern Chic & Shabby Events by JoeAnnie is a Full Event Planning Boutique, we offer full event planning, Day of Coordination, Flower and Event Design. We have the knowledge, skill and abilities to carry out a beautiful day for you, and see to it that you will be stress free, we can’t promise that you will not have the "Wedding Day " nerves that come with your actual day, but we can for sure know that your day will run smoothly and be what you always wanted for your Wedding Day.


An ongoing series of informational entries



An ongoing series of informational entries

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